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Floren Varsity House Athletic Facility

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About Floren Varsity House

  • Built - 2007
  • Cost - 19.5 million
  • 10,000 square foot strength training center
  • 130-seat "smart classroom"
  • meeting rooms and study lounges for all varsity teams
  • Football Locker Facilities
  • Offices for football, baseball, softball and women's lacrosse

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The Floren Varsity House is the latest addition among new and renovated facilities that serve hundreds of student-athletes who represent Dartmouth on 35 varsity athletic teams as well as the many hundreds more who participate in club sports, recreation fitness and intramural activities.

The $19.5 million Floren Varsity House has been made possible through the leadership gift of Douglas C. Floren '63 and his family, as well as the support of many other members of the Dartmouth family whose generosity has made possible a facility that is second to none in the Ivy League and beyond.

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Attached to the renovated East Stands of Memorial Field, Floren Varsity House features a 10,000-square foot strength training center; 130-seat "smart classroom," meeting rooms and study lounges for all varsity teams; football locker faclities; and offices for the football, baseball, softball and women's lacrosse teams.

Floren Strength Training Center

The Big Green will utilize a state-of-the-art varsity weight room in the recently completed Floren Varsity House. This versatile new building was made possible by a $10 million leadership gift from Olivia and Doug Floren '63 of Greenwich, Conn. and their family. The new 10,000-square foot strength center in the Floren Varsity House will allow students to undergo effective strength, power, plyometric, agility, flexibility and conditioning programs under the supervision of head strength coach Bob Miller. New equipment in the strength center will benefit all 34 of Dartmouth's varsity programs. Equipment in the Floren Varsity House weight room includes:

20 platforms & racks 3 belt squat machines 3 sets of iron dumbbells
4 cable lat pulldowns 4 Russian boxes Assorted hammer machines
8 glute and hamstring machines 12 cardio machines 6 adjustable cable columns

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