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Our mission is to unite children of the Upper Valley with Dartmouth student-athletes through a free, organized and fun sports league. Through sport, Athletes United will provide the children with a positive extracurricular activity that builds confidence, friendships and mentor relationships, while developing their athletic skill.

Athletes United aims to offer year-round sports opportunities to fourth, fifth and sixth graders of the Upper Valley, free of cost. The participants will have a chance to play alongside children from their communities, building lasting friendships and learning the value of team work. In addition, the league structure will facilitate mentoring relationships between Dartmouth student-athletes and the children.

Each season Athletes United will focus on a different sport. The season will last approximately five to six weeks, with one practice and one game per week. Ideally, every participating recreation department would enter at least one team. The Dartmouth student coaches will travel to the communities each week for a practice, and on the weekends the teams will play their games at Dartmouth.

As members of the Dartmouth women’s soccer team, we know that our program is not alone in receiving a tremendous amount of support, enthusiasm and loyalty from the entire Upper Valley Community and we are excited for this chance to give back to them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and, as always, Go Big Green!

Myra Sack ’10 and Becky Poskin ’09, Co-Founders