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Fall 2006 Community Service

Women's Lacrosse Helps Out with Habitat          
By: Michelle Shortsleeve '07, Lacrosse

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving break, the defensive half of the Women’s Lacrosse Team spent the afternoon at the Habitat house in Lebanon.  The foreman, permanent volunteers and homeowner were welcoming and patient and got us set up glueing insulation around the foundation.  There is a ditch dug out around the perimeter and it had been raining, so other than a few slips into the moat, everything went smoothly.  We completed the insulating all the way around, so it felt like we really helped.  Habitat was a fun way for us to get off campus, hang out and feel like we accomplished something together.  I recommend it!

Big Green Readers
By: Clara Aranovich '07, Crew

Big Green Readers underwent a membership facelift this term with nearly all new members. Among the sports represented this term were Crew, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Lacrosse, Tennis, and Volleyball. As the BGR coordinator, Clara Aranovich '07 (Crew), nears the end of her term at Dartmouth, the new coordinators were named-- Hayley Steplyk '08 (Volleyball)  and Danielle Murray '09 (Tennis). The enthusiasm of Mt. Lebanon's elementary students, however, remained the same as every Tuesday the Readers came into their classrooms to help make reading fun.

Other Big Green Readers include: Taylor B. Alan-Lee, Alexander F. Olshonsky, Nicole M. Ruta, Adele T. Wilhelm, Melissa Machaj, Andrew T. Peisch, Neil W. Willis, Danielle K. Murray, Hayley L. Steplyk, Nadine A. Parris, Joseph R. Gaudet, Katherine E. Harney, Benjamin N. Lovejoy, Alejandro Frischeisen, DeVon A. Mosley, Clara I. Aranovich, Brent Butler, Zoe Bisk

Women's Soccer Partners with Indian River Middle School
By: Colleen Kelly ‘07, Soccer

The goal of the Indian River Middle School program is to provide middle school students with a college "buddy" who acts as a role model/tutor in classroom and in social settings.  Many of the mentees are students with sensitive family situations or learning disabilities, and others are so bright and precocious that they just need someone older to talk to. The response to our program has been overwhelmingly positive; the kids and the teachers continuously tell us how much they look forward to our visits. The mentor's responsibilities vary across grades and teachers. Mentors are able to spend one-on-one time talking with their mentees about anything, possibly helping them with their schoolwork, or some may even help with independent projects catering to their mentee's interests.  It has been a really rewarding program for both the Indian River kids and Dartmouth athletes.


Field Hockey Spend Halloween at CHaD             
By: Kristen McCormick ‘09, Field Hockey

This October, the brave little patients at DHMC's Children's Hospital set their own Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating, in style: the fun and gifts minus the cold weather, the late night out, the tiresome walking, and the teeth-rotting candy.  On the morning of October 31, a caravan of wheelchairs and wagons could be seen, parading throughout DHMC collecting small toys and presents as they went.  Members of the field hockey team-Chelsea Dodds, Ashley Hines, Emma Palley, Whitney Waugh, and Kristen McCormick-were among the pushers of the wheelchairs and the pullers of the I.V stands.   Halloween is a timeless holiday enjoyed by all ages, and we could attest to that, having just had a Halloween field hockey practice that week.  With this in mind, it was our pleasure to give these kids a Halloween to remember.   It is without question that they enjoyed every second of it, and were unconditionally grateful for our time spent with them. 


We, on the other hand, will not forget that Halloween either.  Sweet, polite, and friendly, the kids made the experience all the more enjoyable.  Not only were they fun to play with and talk to, these kids made us forget that they were patients, and reminded us of the value of a good attitude.  Clearly, it is not difficult to maintain optimism there, for the spirit was shared by the rest of the staff as well, who welcomed us with smiles and the occasional costume-including a two-headed doctor.  Whether in the form of a robot, a bumble bee, a superhero, or a princess, the children at DHMC's Children's Hospital enjoyed a very much-deserved Halloween, filled with goodie bags, laughter, costumes, and the love offered by their families, doctors, and volunteers.


Thetford Mentoring Program
By: Carrie Mae MaGrann

Thetford Mentoring has once again been a success this term.  Over these past few years, the program has really developed.  Almost every kid in school bugs their teachers to have a buddy now!  It's not only rewarding for the children either, I know that the mentors really enjoy hanging out on the playground or in the classroom.  Hopefully this will continue for many years to come.

Women’s Basketball Celebrates the Holiday Spirit with Hanover Terrace Residents
By: Sydney Scott ’08, Basketball


To start off the Christmas break, the Women’s Basketball team went to Hanover Terrance assisted-living home to bake cookies with the residents and share in the holiday spirit. When we arrived, the residents were eagerly waiting to get to work. We had the dough already prepared, so all that was left to do was break up into small groups, cut out fun Christmas shapes and pop them in the oven. While the cookies were basking, we made the frosting. The cookies and milk were a big hit. All the residents told us how good they were and they seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Our team had a ball as well. All in all it was a great time for all and a great opportunity for us to get out into the greater Dartmouth community to spend time and establish relationships with people in the area. Hopefully it will become a tradition!

Men's Ice Hockey Holds 10th Annual CHaD Toy Drive
By: Tanner Glass ’07, Ice Hockey

Our team really enjoys participating in the Toy-Drive every holiday season. This year at our game against Quinnipiac University, fans were invited to bring donations of new and unopened Christmas presents to be delivered to the patients at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. Over the break we visited these kids who have to spend their holidays in the hospital. It’s really nice to see so many smiles when we walk in the door with hockey bags full of presents. It really is a terrific event that we look forward to every year and has become one of my favorite traditions during the hockey season.

Dartmouth Football Hosts Game Day Buddies
By: Mike Fritz '07, Football

The game day buddies program was a pleasure to participate in. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the kids and few will argue that they weren't our biggest fans that afternoon at Memorial field. Regardless of how things were going out on the field, their support could be heard echoing through the crowd. After the game, the players came back out and signed autographs on footballs, t-shirts, and balloon hats. We were all matched up with a game day buddy that wore our jersey during the game and it was nice to hang out with them out there after the game.