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Foot Speed
Speed Ladder
Dot Drills
Line Hops
Backward cross in front
Backward hop scotch
Clockwise return
Double leg forward
Backward Icky shuffle
Forward in-out
Double leg lateral
Backward right/ left foot in
In-out 180
Forward cross behind
Single leg forward
Forward hop scotch
Single leg lateral
Forward icky shuffle
Step over
Forward right/left foot in
Step over lateral
Lateral right/ left foot in

One in each


Single leg hop through

Single leg icky shuffle

Two in each

Two in lateral

Two in- two out

Two in-two out lateral

3 way elbow hold
Hanging knees to chest

Seated plate twist
4 point elbow hold
Hanging leg raise

Shoulder bridge
4 point push-up hold
Lying draw-in

Side hip thrust
45 degree woodchopper
Lying straight leg raise

Sit-up + wt
Alternate elbow hold

Alternate push-up hold
Off bench oblique

Stick crunch
Alternate quad draw-in
Off bench shoulder bridge

Straight leg crunch
Alternate Skywalker
Off bench twist

Torso rotation
Bar roll-a-way


Crossover crunch
Plate rainbows

Crunch with extension

DB side bend
Push-up Pointer

Dead bug
Quad draw-in

Draw-in crunch
Reverse Stick crunch

Flat foot sit-up
Rotational bench crunch

Click here for photos and description Olympic Lifts
DB Jerk
Ankle bounce Power skips for distance
DB Push Press
Box Jump Power skips for height
DB Snatch
Continuous hops for distance Single leg hops for distance
Hang Clean
Continuous hops for height Skate hops
Hang high pull
  SL lateral hops for distance
Hang Pull
Hops for distance SL lateral mini hurdle hop
Hang Snatch
Hops for height SL mini hurdle hop
Jump squat
Hurdle hops SL plyo step-up
Push Jerk
Lateral hops for distance SL vertical jump
Push Press
ateral hurdle hops Split jumps

Lateral minin hurdle hop Tuck jump
Lower Body Exercises Upper Body Exercises
Back extension Manual leg curl 2 arm db row Incline bench press
Back squat Overhead squat Alternate db press Inverted row
Backwards lunge RDL Alternate inverted row Lat pulldown
Crossover step-up Reverse hyper bb row Pull-up
Free hand front squat SL back extension Bench press Right-left pull-up
Front squat SL bench squat CG bench press SA db bench press
Glute-ham SL RDL Chin-up
Good morning SL squat CPG pull-up Standing bb press
Lateral squat Split squat DB bench press Wide grip pull-up
Lateral step-up Step-up db military
Lunge Superman db row
Hip Bridge
Click on exercise for photos and description:
Dynamic Flexibility

Static Flexibility
Dynamic flexiblity is performed at the beginning of your lifting and running sessions
Crossover hamstring
Atlas Lateral sit-twist squat Crossover low back
Backwards lunge twist Leg swing skip Figure four

Lunge-elbow tuck/ hamstring Lunge stretch
Backwards rdl walk Overhead lunge- twist Rack chest stretch
Cross behind RDL walk Rack squat stretch
Downward dog Rotational low back (knees bent) Seated groin
Heel-up walk and grab Rotational low back (legs straight) Seated hurdler stretch
Heel-ups Shoulder flex with stick (arms bent) Seated straight leg hamstring
High knee carioca Shoulder flex with stick (arms straight) Seated V right/ left/ middle
High Knee run Spiderman Side-lying Hip Flexor
High knee skip Squat shuffle Standing quad stretch
High knee walk and grab Step-n-stretch Standing groin
Inchworm Walking foot to opposite hip Standing quad
Band stretches

Lying hamstring

Crossover low back

Figure four

Side lying hip flex

Lying straight leg groin

Speed (plyo - agility - conditioning) Agility
Speed Mechanics Speed 1-2 cut Sprint agility 100's
Giant swings 2 point start 4 cone agility T-drill 55's
Lean fall run 3 point start Box wave Triangle agility 60 yd shuttle
Mini hurdle fast leg Ball drops Figure 8 Wave shuffle 200 yd shuttle
Mountain climbers Build-ups Jingle jangle W-drill 300 yd shuttle
Partner lean fall run Flying 30's Mirror Wheel drill 40's
Seated fast arm Ground start Pro agility X-drill Tempo run
Wall strikes Hill sprints
Zig zag run


Lateral sl start

One knee start

Push-up start

SL start

Post lift

Med Ball Exercises
Push-up plus

3 point MB toss
DB external rotation

45 degree woodchopper toss
Diagonal shoulder rotation

Forward Facing side toss
Scap circuit

Kneeling MB side toss
Side lying external rotation

Lying MB punch
Side lying fly

One arm push toss

Overhead MB toss

Partner MB side toss

Seated MB side toss
Stability Ball Exercises (warm-up)
SL mb hop toss
SB alternate superman

Vertical MB toss
SB crunch

SB draw-in crunch

SB hip bridge

SB leg curl

SB on knees

SB roll-a-way

SB shoulder bridge

SL SB hip bridge

SL SB leg curl

SL SB shoulder bridge

Athletics  5- 4-2012