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Dynamic Flexibility

  • Alternately swing the heel of each foot up to the buttocks
  • Slowly gain ground forward
  • Let the quads hang straight down

High Knee Carioca
  • Moving laterally to the left, bring the right knee up and across in front of the body
  • Take a quick lateral step with the left foot and cross right foot behind body
  • Repeat the drill moving to the right

High Knee Run
  • Drive the knees high and forcefully
  • Maintain a slight forward body lean during the drill
  • Arms should be bent at 90 degrees
  • Arm Action should be aggressive, with a chin to hip range of motion
  • Point toes up during the drill
  • Take short steps and slowly gain ground forward

High Knee Skip
  • Drive one knee up until the top of the thigh is parellel to the ground
  • Point the toe up during the drill
  • Extend up on to the toe of the opposite leg
  • Arms should be bent at 90 degrees with a chin to hip range of motion
  • Aggressively strike the ground, directly underneath the hips and move forward

Leg Swing Skip
  • Keep the legs straight, swing one leg up as high as possible and skip off the ground
  • Reach for the swing leg with the opposite hand
  • Forcefully pull the swing leg back toward the ground, striking underneath the hips

Athletics  5- 4-2012